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PMEC Support Service Department (PSSD)

The Department is responsible for effectively managing an integrated Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC) System in order to monitor and control expenditures on personal emoluments in the Public Service. The PMEC System is decentralised to all Provincial Headquarters and Lusaka-based Ministries/ Institutions that are connected to a Government Wide Area Network (GWAN). This Department is headed by a Director.

PSSD has seven (7) Sections, five (5) of which are headed by Assistant Directors whilst the Accounts and Audit Sections are headed by a Principal Accountant and a Principal Internal Auditor, respectively. Below are the sections along with their functions:

  • Organisation Management

Management and monitor organisation structures in the Public Service in order to ensure adherence to the approved structure.

  • Payroll Management

Manage and monitor payroll processing on the PMEC System in order to ensure accurate and timely processing of the payroll.

  • Technical Support

Manage and coordinating authorisation on the PMEC System and provision of all Help deck and Technical support services in order to ensure maximum security and availability of system resource.

  • Personnel Cost Planning

Manage the generation of and monitor the personal Emoluments Budget on the PMEC System, in order to provide information to facilitate maintenance of personal Emolument budget expenditure.

  • Personnel Administration

Manage and monitor the implementation of human Resource practices on the PMEC System, in to ensure adherence to the Terms and conditions of service statutory instruments and Regulations.

  • Audit

Supervise and Undertake audits of the PMEC system in order to ensure accountability of government funds and effectiveness of the system.

  • Accounts

Supervise the processing of Funding requesting request and authorisation of Direct Debit Account Credit (DDAC) Transactions in order to facilitate timely salary and third-party payments.


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