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Department of Human Resource Development (DHRD)

Department of Human Resource Development

The Department of Human Resource Development (DHRD) has the mandate to coordinate the management of the training and development function in the Public Service. Accordingly, the Department provides leadership in the development of the policy framework for capacity development in the Public Service and facilitates its implementation by Government Ministries/Institutions. It also monitors and evaluates the implementation of the policy framework by all stakeholders in the Public Service. The Department is headed by a Director.

DHRD is divided into two sections, which are headed by Assistant Directors. Below are the sections along with their functions:

Training Evaluation, Research and Planning (TERP)

  • Developing, reviewing and disseminating the Public Service Training and Development Policy as well as the Procedures and Guidelines for Human Resource Development in the Public Service;
  • Facilitating the development of Training and Development Plans by Government Ministries/Institutions;
  • Coordinating, monitoring and evaluation of capacity development interventions implemented by Government Ministries/Institutions;
  • Undertaking research in training and development in the Public Service;
  • Undertaking Qualifications Audit in the Public Service; and
  • Maintaining and updating the Human Resource Training and Development Information System.

Scholarships and Technical Assistance (STA)

  •  Coordinating donor assistance for human resource capacity development;
  • Disseminating information on sponsored human resource development opportunities; and
  • Facilitating the processing of Authority to Study for eligible Government employees.

Departmental information (Downloads)