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Recruitment and Placement Department

The mandate of the Department is to facilitate recruitment and placement for the Public Service in order to ensure equity, industrial harmony and improve organizational effectiveness. It also provides technical support to Government Ministries and Provinces in order to monitor compliance to human resource guidelines and transfer skills to Human Resource officers. The Department is headed by a Director. It is divided into two circuits, each headed by an Assistant Director.

The Department has the following core functions:

  1. Recruitment – facilitate appointments into the Civil Service based on applications from the public or recommendations submitted to the Division from line Ministries or Provinces, for submission to the Civil Service Commission for consideration. The appointments are either on Permanent and Pensionable (P&P) or contractual basis; and
  2. Placement – this involves human resource cases, for serving officers, such as confirmations, promotions, transfers, regrading, secondments, and attachments. These cases are processed based on recommendations submitted to the Division by line Ministries or Provinces.

Note: Recruitment by PSMD does not include Security Wings, Teaching Staff, Judicial Staff, and Local Authorities.

The following documents are available for download;