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The Objectives of the Human Resources Information and Planning (HRIP) are:

  1. To undertake strategic human resource planning and forecasting in order to ensure optimum staffing levels and competences in the Public Service;
  2. To manage Performance management Systems in order to enhance overall performance of the Public Service; and
  3. To develop, review and coordinate implementation of records management policies, systems and procedures in order to facilitate timely decision making in the Public Service.

Core Functions

For the Department to realise the above stated objectives, it carries out the following core functions:

  1. Processing of request for Treasury Authority on behalf of Ministries and other Government Institutions in order to facilitate the creation, abolition and upgrading of posts in the Public Service;
  2. Processing of requests for Authority to employ from Government Ministries and Institutions in order to fill vacant positions;
  3. Human resource forecasting – This involves comparing HR demand and supply in order to establish HR Gaps (if any) and identify the right qualifications, skills and experience for effective public service delivery;
  4. Compilation of Government Gazette Notices on HR related matters in the Public Service;
  5. Institutionalisation of the Performance Management Package (PMP) in Government Ministries and Institutions to enable effective employee performance management;
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Performance Management systems in order to ensure that they are sustainable and are being used correctly in the ministries and institutions;
  7. Records Management Installation and review of Records Management Systems in order to ensure that information is provided to facilitate timely and accurate decision making in the Public Service; and
  8. Inspection of Government Registries to ensure compliance to records management standards, systems and procedures;
  9. Development and review of the Records Management policies to guide the operations and procedures of Government Registries;
  10. Conduct short in-service Records Management training courses for Government Ministries and Institutions in order to build capacity in Registry Staff; and
  11. Development and maintenance of Management Information Systems to enhance accuracy and timely processing of human resources data required for decision making.
  • Vision Statement

    “To be the best Public Service institution in the management of human resources in the region and beyond.”
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  • Mission Statement

    “To provide strategic policy direction and leadership in the management of human resources in the Public Service for enhanced service delivery.”
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  • Background

    The Public Service Management Division (PSMD) is an institution of Government which falls under the Office of the President. It is charged with the overall responsibility of Human Resource Management in the Public Service.