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The objective of the Human Resources Development (HRD) Department is to coordinate and facilitate implementation of human resources development programmes for focused training and availability of appropriate competencies in the Public Service.

Core Functions

The Department of Human Resource Development (DHRD,) co-ordinates, monitors and evaluate all training and development activities in the Public Service.

The functions of DHRD are:

  1. To provide professional support in conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA), preparing training and development plans as well as designing training and development programmes in the Public Service;
  2. To co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate training and development programmes in the Public Service;
  3. To co-ordinate and facilitate processing of scholarships for in-service training and development in the Public Service;
  4. To co-ordinate training proposal preparations in the Public Service in order to solicit for technical assistance in HRD from cooperating partners; and
  5. To provide information on human resource development opportunities available locally and abroad.
  • Vision Statement

    “To be the best Public Service institution in the management of human resources in the region and beyond.”
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  • Mission Statement

    “To provide strategic policy direction and leadership in the management of human resources in the Public Service for enhanced service delivery.”
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  • Background

    The Public Service Management Division (PSMD) is an institution of Government which falls under the Office of the President. It is charged with the overall responsibility of Human Resource Management in the Public Service.