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The objectives of the Technical service (TS) Department are:

  1. To Provide a clear human resources policy framework and monitor its implementation in order to ensure effective human resources management in the Public service;
  2. To facilitate the separation of employees and disposal of disciplinary cases in the Public service in order to promote effective human resources management; and
  • To co-ordinate Industrial relations matters in the Public Service in order to contribute to Industrial harmony in the Public Service.
  1. To facilitate the formulation and interpretation of terms and conditions of service for the Public Service in order to ensure their correct and uniform application.

Core Functions

In order for the Technical Services (TS) Department to achieve the objectives stated above, the Department has the following core functions:

  1. Policy formulation – Periodically initiates the formulation, review and dissemination of human resource policies relating to terms and conditions of service and industrial relations.
  2. Separation – Manages effectively processing of retirements, resignations, termination of appointments and separation packages.
  3. Industrial relations – Provides effectively technical support on industrial relations matters in the Public Service.
  4. Discipline – processes and handles disciplinary cases.
  5. Salaries and Conditions of Service in Public service Institutions – Provides technical support on Salaries and Conditions of service for Public and Grant aided institutions.
  6. Interpretation of Conditions of Service – Interprets conditions of service.
  7. Research – conduct research on Terms and Conditions of Service and Industrial Relations in order to generate information for decision making.
  8. Monitoring and Evaluation – monitors and evaluates the implementation of policies relating to the Terms and condition of service and Industrial Relations.
  9. Compensation – Process compensation cases.
  10. Database Management – Maintain a database on administrative circulars and Separations in order to facilitate storage and retrieval of information.
  • Vision Statement

    “To be the best Public Service institution in the management of human resources in the region and beyond.”
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  • Mission Statement

    “To provide strategic policy direction and leadership in the management of human resources in the Public Service for enhanced service delivery.”
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  • Background

    The Public Service Management Division (PSMD) is an institution of Government which falls under the Office of the President. It is charged with the overall responsibility of Human Resource Management in the Public Service.