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The PMEC Support Services Department (PSSD) is responsible for managing the Government payroll and Establishment.

The main objective of the Department is to effectively manage an Integrated Payroll Management and Establishment Control (PMEC) System in order to monitor and control expenditure on Personal Emoluments in the Public Service.

Core Functions

The department has the following core functions:

  1. Organisation Management – To manage the organisational Structures of Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies (MPSAs).
  2. Personnel Administration – To manage the Administration of Terms and Conditions of Service on the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  3. Payroll Management – To manage payments and deductions on the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  4. Personnel Cost Planning –To manage Personal Emoluments Budgets on the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  5. Technical Support – To manage the Technical Support and security of the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  6. Accounting – To manage disbursements of salaries through Direct Debit and Clearance to Government Employees; and
  7. Auditing – To manage Financial and System Audits on the PMEC (Payroll) System.

1.1.2    Major Activities

The major activities undertaken by the PMEC Support Systems department include:

  1. Maintenance of Organisational Structures on the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  2. Production of the Establishment Register to support Estimates of Expenditure on Personal Emoluments;
  3. Maintenance of the Terms and Conditions of Service on the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  4. Processing of the Public Service Payroll;
  5. Management and generation of the Personnel Emolument Budgets on the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  6. Provision of Technical Support Services on the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  7. Disbursement of payments to stakeholders (i.e. employees, Public Service Unions, lending institutions etc.) through the PMEC (Payroll) System;
  8. Conducting PMEC (Payroll) System audits; and
  9. Provision of payroll related information to stake holders to facilitate sound decision making.

1.1.3    Projects

The major projects undertaken / planned by the PMEC Support Systems Department include;

  1. Decentralisation of the PMEC (Payroll) System to all Ministries as well as Provincial and District Centres;
  2. Payment of salaries through Zambia Postal Services Cooperation;
  3. Integration of the PMEC (Payroll) System with the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) (to be undertaken); and
  4. Introduction of Electronic Payslips (E-Payslip) (to be undertaken).
  • Vision Statement

    “To be the best Public Service institution in the management of human resources in the region and beyond.”
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  • Mission Statement

    “To provide strategic policy direction and leadership in the management of human resources in the Public Service for enhanced service delivery.”
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  • Background

    The Public Service Management Division (PSMD) is an institution of Government which falls under the Office of the President. It is charged with the overall responsibility of Human Resource Management in the Public Service.